Civil Partnerships open to all

Civil Partnerships open to all

Please tell us your views on the Bill and explain why it will affect you.: This surely was already a thing for heterosexual couples because they could get married at a registrar in other words, not a church. So they had the opinions of married in church or not. Note the diffence. MARRIED. Samesex couples couldnt get married at all. Then civil partnerships became available and it was a marriage. Not in a church but a marriage and suddenly despite the option of a non church wedding being available to hetrocouples they suddenly want civil weddings. Why? Probably because you can taylor them to your needs. Well, boo hoo Bridezilla the gays got there first. The decision shouldn't be share the option or no one gets it. That's pathetic. My same-sex partner and I hope to marry in October; this could put an end to all that


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