Cohabitation and families

Cohabitation and families

Please tell us your views on the Bill and explain why it will affect you.: I think that something needs to be put in place for cohabiting heterosexual couples to recognise their partnership. My partner died suddenly after 28 years together (26 living together) with two young children. Yet my children and I are not recognised as ‘family’ because we weren’t married. I have had to apply for widowed parent allowance, now bereavement allowance through ‘Habit & Repute and two years down the line, it’s still with the courts and I’m awaiting the next hearing. I find this discriminatory in particular to our children, who were brought up in a loving family unit with both their parents. It’s not fair and I feel that we should be entitled to the same treatment after both contributing into society through work for 30 yrs each.


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