All Schools should have counsellors available daily.

All Schools should have counsellors available daily.

Kids nowadays are living in a world that’s not exactly great thanks to social media. The pressure also put on kids to catch up on work that was missed due to lockdowns is also having an impact on their mental health. Primary aged children should be able to access play/art therapy easily and High School aged children are also being failed by not having the right support in place. The fact that CAMHS are literally in their knees with cases and with a year waiting list, this could be helped by having the supports in school otherwise we’re going to be facing a lot of broken teenagers/young adults which could have been prevented by early intervention. Originally submitted as part of the "What Matters To You? Consultation in Summer 2021: Access to school counselors is very important. They are overworked and there is not enough of them. Access to counselors is patchy. Comment from session with members of the Scottish Youth Parliament on 13th December 2021.


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