Young people's mental health and that of their parents

Young people's mental health and that of their parents

One of the key issues as a practitioner who works with young people and families is an increase in mental health and anxiety issues amongst young people and their parents. Undoubtedly this has been exacerbated by the covid pandemic. However there is not nearly enough support for these young people or their families to deal with their mental health. The waiting list is unacceptably long for assessment by CAMHS and families have little support in the interim which can take years. Schools can only do so much and more funding is urgently needed to help the mental health of young people and their families. I would also like to see much more of a focus on helping young people and families with nutrition choices which educate them on the foods which make anxiety worse: 1. Caffeine, 2. Sugar and Refined Carbohydrates, 3. Unhealthy fats, 4.Processed Meats, 5 Alcohol, 6. artificial sweetners


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