Creation of a National Care Service

Creation of a National Care Service

The Scottish Government is proposing legislation to create a National Care Service. Currently, social care and social work services are funded and delivered by local authorities through Integration Joint Boards, which are a partnership between local authorities and NHS health boards. The new law proposes to reorganise how these services are funded and delivered by creating new care boards that are directly accountable to and funded by Scottish Ministers. These new care boards will replace the existing Integration Joint Boards. The proposals would allow Scottish Ministers to have overarching responsibility for the National Care Service and give them powers to transfer social care functions from local authorities, to include aspects of healthcare in the National Care Service, and to transfer staff, property and liabilities If you agree with these proposals in the National Care Service Bill click the thumbs up button (👍) below. If you disagree with these proposals click the thumbs down button (👎) below. If you are unsure about the proposals and feel you need to know more about them click the question mark button (❓) below. If you have any additional comments about this proposal please provide them in the comment section below.


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