Bring the Parliament to the people

Bring the Parliament to the people

Bring the Parliament to the people The Parliament should test approaches to using regional engagement, information hubs and/or a travelling exhibition or mobile unit.


Very high priority should be given to this.

MSPs visiting community councils.

Could the parliament make use of digital advertising screens in local town/city centres that are becoming more visible?

I mean its a great idea but costs would be enormous and engagement would still be low. There is a huge local democracy deficit in this country - perhaps using better resourced community councils (CCs)would be a better way. Any argument that CCs are not representative is partly self-fulfilling - CCs don't attract engagement because they are powerless and under resourced - rectify that and you'll have better engagement.

In these days of social media misinformation, it is important for Parliament to directly tell local communities what they are doing, how their thinking of progressing in the future and engaging with communities. Community councils might be a good way of disseminating information, together with schools and libraries. Use the facilities we already have.

The mechanics of how the Scottish Parliament works should be taught in schools in Scotland so that everyone understands they have a right to be involved in the running of the country.

If going out to local communities the Parliament needs to ensure that venues and times of engagement sessions are accessible for disabled people. Certainly more Committee sessions could be held outwith Parliament.

Being mindful of the similarities and differences of communities of geography and communities of interest is crucial for effective, meaningful community engagement. In order to ensure effective methodology, community development expertise should be involved from the outset

Map out all of the community centres, libraries, across all regions and ensure that local engagement can happen. Advertise opportunies to engage! Making sure the dates are arranged in advance and putting a bus on to make sure people who struggle to travel still get the chance to go out and visit these places so everyone can understand the role of people in parliament and visit the parliament

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