Create a system to notify people about engagement activities

Create a system to notify people about engagement activities

Create a system such as a webpage where people can register and be notified about opportunities to engage The Parliament should create and advertise means for people to register their details and interests with the Parliament. MSPs and Committees would be able to contact individuals about opportunities to engage in the work of Parliament when an issue arises that individuals are interested in. This idea was inspired by the amount of issues discussed at parliament at any one time passing the public by - this solution could ensure that no one misses the chance to engage.


"A web page" -Wow - I think that is an over-simplification of the complexity of the issue.

Most people do use the web, and having a website where all the issues are placed would be valuable. It should also include a place where people could input information about things that concern them. A two way information service.

Agreed, but there needs to be enough time given to allow people to engage and sharing of the opportunities via multiple channels. Adding incentives for participation (e.g. prize draws, the way private companies do for banks of participants to respond to new surveys or idea testing) might also motivate some to participate who otherwise wouldn't.

A range of methods to contact / make communities aware should be used, from social media/emails/website info to adverts saying where/how people can access the opportunities to participate. The range of opportunities also needs to be advertised so that people know what they can get involved in - there is such a lack of awareness even among those who are linked in.

Utilising effective community development expertise, skills and experience is crucial in order to ensure a broad audience are involved and ensuring key, relevant partners are involved from the outset

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