Set up a people's panel to discuss MSPs' code of conduct

Set up a people's panel to discuss MSPs' code of conduct

We recommend that one of the panels which should be set up is a specific people’s panel to discuss the MSPs’ code of conduct


The panel should certainly be set up to while MSP’s exist, however it will not be needed once a Citizen’s Assembly takes over.

The action is simple - set up the citizens panel to discuss and review this topic. Parliamentary business at Westminster has long been tarnished by some elected representatives exhibiting very juvenile behaviour and not abiding by the established rules. There are signs that this type of behaviour is starting to creep in the Holyrood and it should be reigned in now - before it undermines trust in our own democracy - or is that now an objective for some parties??

This should be done by lawyers, using the best international guidelines.

Times and politicians change in considerable ways. Code of Conducts should regularly be reviewed. A citizens panel would give you information on how effective they think the current code of conduct for MSPs is, especially in this time when our faith in Westminster politicians is at an all time low.

There's a lot of sensational information out there about politicians' conduct. The rules are already complex, reviewed and, where issues are raised, enforced. I wouldn't make this a priority.

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