Build cross-party support for deliberative democracy

Build cross-party support for deliberative democracy

Build cross-party support for deliberative democracy as this is needed for it to work


Stop braying and the posture politics would be a start.

There needs to be more visible cross party collaboration on a wide range of issues for the benefit of the people of Scotland - getting away from juvenile party politics is a big first step to securing the trust of the people. All parties then need to get behind this initiative by supporting face to face interaction with communities.

s really important, as you will get a wide breadth of opinions.

Consider how to effectively safeguard against one political party in Holyrood smearing or trashing the credibility, priorities and recommendations of citizen participation in deliberative democracy – if it is ideologically and politically expedient for them to do so. If this happened, some of the tabloid media would willingly amplify this, for clicks, sales or viewing figures. If this happened, people involved might feel like their time and efforts were being treated with contempt.

Highlight successes of this approach in order to build support for it

Focus on normal members of the public more, rather than their pet government funded lobby groups.

JustCitizens believe that cross-party support can be a great starting point for deliberative democracy. We would all benefit from seeing a Scottish Parliament willing to work together on specific issues and open to involving individuals on a regular basis.

Innovations around deliberative democracy also require political will to make them a reality. Strong cross-party collaboration on these matters is not an optional extra, but a requirement. Effective knowledge-building materials and resources should be made available to MSPs, with key spokespeople working together to maximise democratic outcomes for citizens across party political lines.

Ultimately I do not think this is a priority for our elected representatives. I wish for those parties in government to govern well, and for those in opposition to vigarously encourage them to do so through parliamentary scrutiny and debate. I agree Scotland has a democratic deficit, but what it needs is more representative democracy at a local level, not an extra process of consultations under the banner of "deliberative democracy."

Political parties seem to fight all the time so it would be important that they all agree on the best way to use People's Panels. It is really REALLY important to have cross party support - it is down to what people put in manifestos - but also making sure all parties back the use of People's Panels.

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