Bring the Parliament to the people

Bring the Parliament to the people

Bring the Parliament to the people The Parliament should test approaches to using regional engagement, information hubs and/or a travelling exhibition or mobile unit.


i like this idea. what i would say though is that there needs to be a link between this and committees experiences. for example, CPPPC get many petitions calling for better health services in rural areas. so if the 'parly bus' (which BTW I'd be happy to drive :) )was going to travel to remote locations, be forearmed with the issues the locals may raise so that staff are not caught unaware or have some familiarity with local issues and what has been happening.

I think this is essential and would be a great way to reach out to communities and groups that are not on the parliamentary circuit. How about modelling it on a playbus idea? A relaxed and fun space with interactive elements inside, and an outdoor space for tea/coffee and a chance to speak to Parly staff. Exhibits could include examples of Parly work that have had a direct impact on the community that the bus has come to, a white board to write up questions/issues.

It would be important to ensure you are engaging with hard to reach areas, you could do this through local churches who often have a good network into their communities, for those of all faiths and none.

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