Remove barriers to participation

Remove barriers to participation

Remove barriers to participation so that everyone has an equal opportunity to be involved in the work of the Parliament Follow up on previous research by researching different methods of engagement, who they work for, and the resource that is needed to use these methods. Apply research to use different engagement methods to reach the whole of society, including non-digital and digital approaches Raise awareness that the Scottish Parliament will provide payment which addresses the cost barriers that people face when coming to the Parliament and taking part in engagement activities, such as travel expenses, lost income from time off work, childcare and additional costs related to accessibility requirements. Ensure access for people with English as a second language including promoting and improving use of Happy to Translate. Support participation from those with learning disabilities by promoting and increasing the use of Easy Read.


Raise awareness internally to staff with regards to what they should think about before engaging with external people. for example, what services are available, what are the costs, who pays for it. Additionally, i observe a reluctance within the staff group to 'advertise' that we will cover expenses. i've recently heard that we 'don't want to open the flood gates'. Why is this? Are Clerks getting a message that budgets are too tight/should not be used? If so this needs bottomed out before advertising covering costs incase we are not in a budgetary position to do so.

Representation is really key here, if we are trying to reach hard to reach communities then they need to feel like they are also represented by those they are engaging with. e.g. if trying to engage ethnic minorities, do we have ethnic minorities that can engage with them, or if trying to engage with people living with a disability do we have people living with a disability able to engage with them? If we don't it will be difficult for these communities to fully engage.

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