Set up a people's panel to discuss MSPs' code of conduct

Set up a people's panel to discuss MSPs' code of conduct

We recommend that one of the panels which should be set up is a specific people’s panel to discuss the MSPs’ code of conduct


Hi Vicky, The Panel wanted to highlight lack of trust between the public and MSPs, they discussed member behaviour and felt that if the public could learn more about the Code of Conduct and how it was arrived at, then more people might trust MSPs. They felt that a deliberative approach to this would be a good one as it gave people space to learn together with different evidence (including from MSPs) before making any suggested changes to tighten up the code.

I work in the SPPA Committee so I'm curious to know more about the background to this recommendation as I haven't been able to find anything substantive. What is it about the Code of conduct that needs looked at? what is missing or needs tighened up? I'm not sure what the aim of this strand is? What does it want to achieve?

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