Schedule time in the Chamber for questions from the public

Schedule time in the Chamber for questions from the public

Schedule specific time in the debating Chamber for individual public questions to be asked. We recognise that there would need to be a process to filter questions and ensure they were relevant and to determine who asked the questions and how.


i'm not sure about this one. Ideally questions should be submitted via an MSP otherwise for people to ask questions direct to SG would bypass the role of an MSP? How would you go about gathering questions, who would decide what gets selected. There is also the issue of raising expectations that a question may lead to direct action which as we know is not always the case. this in itself might damage or weaken the parliaments reputation. An interesting idea which needs explored but i reality i'm not sure how realistic this is.

I can't remember which committee it was that did "ask the Cab Sec" on twitter where people could post their questions and some of them were directly put to the Cab Sec during a formal committee meeting. Did it work? Also interesting to include in focus group sessions for inquiry work - if you could ask the Minister one thing what would it be and then members are primed to ask questions in cttee. Good that you can snip the video and send it to group or individual.

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