Set a 9-month deadline for feedback on outcome of engagement

Set a 9-month deadline for feedback on outcome of engagement

Set a 9-month deadline as a default for feedback on the outcome of any engagement with clear reasons where this deadline would not be met (if applicable). The live status of the decision making process should be clear and transparent throughout. Parliament could create a minimum standard of response. For example - initial acknowledgement of engagement; - follow up to explain how many responses and what happens next; - a follow up with information on the outcome of the inquiry. - signposting with more information - traffic light system for inquiries flagging up what has been addressed and what hasn't - calls logged and and rules as to how long someone would have to wait for a response. This would show people that their participation is worthwhile and make people feel that their voice is being heard. Legislation and inquires can take a long time, so set expectations from the start and consider how you will keep people involved in the longer term. If you don’t do this it will fuel apathy and mistrust.


i think this is a good idea particularly for analysing engagement activities within the Parliament. Also will help to raise profile of the importance of SPS staff engagement with the public. However my concern is if this extends to what impact engagement with Parliament has had with SG, we need SG to be on board with this too. We often see a lot of engagement with Parliament and stakeholders but i think we might need SG buy in on this one otherwise we might present a picture of oh lots of engagement with parliament but when it gets to SG, we hit a wall?

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