Highlight real life stories of engagement to improve trust

Highlight real life stories of engagement to improve trust

Use media outlets, documentaries and short films to highlight Parliament successes and real life stories of engagement to improve public perception and trust. We heard that the Scottish Parliament needs to do more to tell people about its engagement and participation work, as those it reaches are positive about the experience. Then it is a matter of finding the best marketing practices to reach as many people as possible. Use people who have had positive interaction and experience with Parliament to tell their story through national and local media (tv/radio/newspaper etc) and community groups. The public sometimes find it easier to digest information by way of another person telling them. Make sure people know about the teams of staff working on engagement as well as MSPs.


We all love stories - they are the oldest and best way of communicating. If we find an engaging way to help people share their stories of interacting with Parliament, we would have loads of material - we could produce TikTok films, podcasts, wee animations...

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