Run an information campaign on the role of the Parliament

Run an information campaign on the role of the Parliament

9+ The Parliament should run a general information campaign explaining the role of the Scottish Parliament – a single brochure or leaflet explaining who your local MSPs are, what a call for views is and the role of the Parliamentary service and its impartiality and separateness from Government. All age ranges may need more information on what the Parliament does and what it can do for them. We think this is something that could be done quickly.


We used to make a lot of hard copy leaflets so it would be interesting to know what analysis the Public Information and Publications team did around uptake and distribution. I think you need a proactive explanation and opportunity for engagement and questions - not sure that leaflets just being available in schools, libraries, doctor surgeries etc really improves understanding on the role of Parliament.

as far as i am aware, we don't routinely use radio as a mechanism for getting our messages out? SG do use radio adverts for new initiatives such as the new social security system. why doesn't the parliament run more adverts particularly when we are launching wide spread call for views or when we pass Bills that have a widespread impact? I assume this might be down to costs?

I also think it's more helpful to explain call for views or contacting MSPs in the context of specific issues or policies rather than as a process. At one point we discussed how to use things like Mumsnet and forums to promote call for views on relevant issues.

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