Communicating across clerking teams

Communicating across clerking teams

We need approaches that allow ideas to be shared between different committee teams or questions to be asked quickly - eg "has any one else had this challenge?" What approaches are being used and which are most effective? eg in person or chat-based networks of staff at the same grade, a regular programme of snippets, a wiki page? At the recent clerking day, each team was asked to bring an example to share - is this something that clerking groupings could do on a regular basis?


Think establishing and encouraging e.g. teams chats where people can ask questions when encountering a particular issue are probably the most helpful way of getting information quickly. Snippets etc. are useful but not everyone can always attend and therefore may miss something. Also, if creating case studies/examples it might be worth thinking about if people who worked on those particular inquiries would be willing to be a point of contact for anyone who had questions etc.

I agree with Jenny, Ailsa and Gael's comments, and similarly think there would be great value in sharing news/ best practice across other teams (SPICe, PACT, PCO) and in having a named contact provided to follow up on case studies, where possible. I also strongly echo the comment on the value of using Teams channels as a way of supporting exchange of information, and quick access to peer expertise - alongside Snippets etc.

There's a difference between 'clerking teams' in the title and 'committee teams' in the text. Language is important, and our work is very much a shared endeavour across multiple offices. An example challenge could be that a Senior Researcher supporting a committee on one thing, with preferred ways for papers for that committee, or when team meetings are, might face completely different practices when supporting another committee. Staff moving around committees must see this too.

A newsletter pulling together news from across committee clerking could include innovation and best practice.

Would be ideal if other teams (SPICe, PACT, PCO...) could be privy to this too, plenty of us struggle with keeping up to date outside of 'our' committees and might spot different connections/challenges/opportunities.

Agree with Abbi on the use of teams channels - we haven't perhaps got to grips with how those could be used (eg for an entire team supporting a committee)

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