Test recommendation tracker approach with more committees

Test recommendation tracker approach with more committees

Test the approach with one or more further committees who might adapt the model


Important to test this approach to see how it works with different committee workloads etc. And to explore the most effective ways of tracking work - e.g. a spreadsheet where people add relevant recommendations when reports are published and then any updates when received. Also need to think about how prioritise / decide which recommendations to include in any review report, and how get Members to engage with this when e.g. committee Membership may have changed / interests moved on.

Thanks for the creative thinking and innovation in this area. I would like the workstream to also think about what are the other elements that support the accountability work of committees and conditions to sustain pressure for change, to avoid the risk of issues petering out. What should be expected of government? E.g., should SG have to be explicit in whether they accept or reject cttee recommendations? As for us, should all committees, as standard, consider SG responses in public?

In response to Callum's comment re what should be expected of government - drawing on learnings from the Commons Liaison Committee and Senedd Chairs' Forum reports on influence of committees, what about trialling asking SG to produce annual memorandum to a few committees setting out progress on implementing committee recommendations - ahead of annual report to inform committee strategies for following year? Also further ways to increase visibility and public profile of committees (e.g. media)?

Important to do this with multiple committees given subject areas/workload type/working practice/culture/convenorship etc could all impact on how such an approach would work in practice

Also how would this sit alongside the annual report process? Would be important to ensure there isn't a duplication of work here.

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