How would you know that your community has good wellbeing?

How would you know that your community has good wellbeing?

What are the main factors that can help us measure community wellbeing? Is it the quality of health care, housing and access to green spaces? Or is it the levels of neighbourliness or anti-social behaviour that have the biggest impact on community wellbeing? What areas should the Committee focus on in their future work to help us better understand how to measure community wellbeing in Scotland? Join the conversation below or add your own idea by clicking the orange light bulb button on the bottom right of the page!


Good community well-being: Active engagement + participation. Feeling of connection, pride, belonging. Partnerships built from bottom-up. People listen, ask questions. Good neighbours! Green spaces. Functioning services that are held to account- the community gets involved and reports issues. Good transport. Good employment level. Households live above the poverty line, with lower debt. Higher attainment in schools. The area has a good reputation, lower crime rates. Lower suicide rates.

You a community has good wellbeing when: there is decreased antisocial behaviour and not much graffiti. when you have the freedom to walk around anywhere at anytime when you feel safe when your children can roam freely when you can leave things unlocked

My own community has a vibrant and super network of support, from volunteers that run the Community Centre to a Flood Prevention Resilience Team awesome. The village looks and feels safe and welcoming. Not all communities have this, in particular we have many areas that have significant levels of poverty in our County - litter, poor external areas, high levels of unemployment, an air of depression. How the external areas feel reflects a lot. How information is communicated or displayed

We need a set of definitions to measure progress

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