Community Wellbeing: What matters to you?

Community Wellbeing: What matters to you?

The Local Government & Communities Committee is planning future work into community wellbeing and we'd like to hear your ideas and suggestions for what we should focus on. For more information about how to get involved click on the (?) button in the main menu above.



Road safety

Help for teachers in class.

Local Industry Community Fund

Use PERMAH Model and Coaching to improve wellbeing

Make better use of vacant premises and stop building retail

Community Benefit Clause in all Public Procurement Contracts

Drop in centres on high streets for alcohol/ drug/ gambling

fund local leisure services

All terrain access for people who use wheelchairs.

Good practice in reducing stigma and support communities

Fund Local Authorities Properly

Spaces and places within communities

Lack of access to service provision

educate school pupils to stop dropping rubbish on the street

Banks and Pension funds only invest in ethical investments

Going Carbon Neutral Pods

Stop centralising everything

Core investment for community organisations

Council Funding

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