Amend planning legislation: More renewables and green space

Amend planning legislation: More renewables and green space

How does this impact on Community Wellbeing? Amend planning legislation to allow local authorities (in direct consultation with communities) to have ability to specify new build house designs to be in keeping with existing designs so new developments aren't different between developers or change every 5 years creating ugly areas that look more like annexes to the original communities rather than part of it (example - characterless shoebox shaped houses being built right next to Georgian architecture). Also include mandatory areas of greenspace within developments (that include forests!) and between properties instead of developers cramming as many houses into one area as possible. The health benefits of more trees and greenspace (even if viewed from a window) are well documented. New developments should also be forced to include community electric car charging points and all new homes equipped with renewables (Solar, ASHP, GSHP etc.) instead of gas oil... did someone say something about a climate emergency? Why should the Committee focus on this as part of their future work? Better integration of new developments are likely to help people feel more a part of the community rather than an 'incomer' living in an annex. Health and aesthetic benefits of trees and green space needs no further explanation. Gas and oil should be phased out as soon as possible. Better aesthetics, better health, and cleaner air.


Absolutely agree near where I live there are many stunning examples of what I belive are late-Georgian designs, yet the council allowed a modern design to built in absolute clash to the rest of the property's, this is a particular insult as a very old church used to be located just two hundred yards down the road from it and it is a site of archelogical interest.

In reference to your ideas on power production would it not make more sense for a dedicated local grid powerd by a geothermal generator? This would be an expensive but worthy long term investment that would minimise the effect extreme weather, which climate change will increase the chance of, will have on each neighbourhood and is totally independent of unpredictible power supplys usually assosiated with renewable sources.

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