Invest in prevention, youth services and early intervention

Invest in prevention, youth services and early intervention

How does this impact on Community Wellbeing? There has been extensive coverage in the past few weeks of the emerging proposed approaches to justice and safety in England and Wales with commitments to put more police on the streets, increase use of stop and search, and incarcerate more offenders with longer sentences. The idea is that these proposals will reduce crime, deter offending and therefore make people safer. As an organisation that feels passionately about community safety and evidencebased decision making we wanted to challenge the narrative that these are activities that will reduce crime (they don’t) and which will make people and communities feel and be safer (they won’t). We’ve been thinking about what makes a safer community as part of our work stream on ‘Making the Case for Community Safety. Some of the evidence we have found includes:  Feeling safe is about more than just the absence of crime, there are many more factors that create a safe community. It is also more than just about the presence of police....... Why should the Committee focus on this as part of their future work? The work that the Scottish Community Safety Network (SCSN) are doing around vibrant, safe and healthy communities is gaining traction. Talk to us and see what we can contribute


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