Being able to get a GP appointment quickly.

Being able to get a GP appointment quickly.

How does this impact on Community Wellbeing? Obviously this would help keep folk well. People are put off phoning and often turn to NHS24 or A&E. People do not like phoning the GP practice and to having to explain their medical issues to the receptionists. Why should the Committee focus on this as part of their future work? It seems to be an urgent problem in many areas. We have to get the basics right before worrying about other nebulous, undefineable issues such as "wellbeing".


Access to GP appointments is important but perhaps this is more about education. Many people go to the doctor with small problems that can be dealt with by the nurse or indeed the pharmacist (myself included in the past). By improving overall wellbeing in the country we would help reduce the number of visits to the GP in the first place. A focus on improving wellbeing in society addresses the root cause of many illnesses which put the health service under such strain.

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