Focus on Families

Focus on Families

How does this impact on Community Wellbeing? Change has to take place we are failing our children. Extended nursery hours isn't the answer family learning, spending time with your children and improving your own and children's mental health is paramount to change. Why should the Committee focus on this as part of their future work? We need to think of upskilling our current families and Children on being self sufficient in making decisions and taking responsibility for the development of appropriate services in their community.


Without adequate 24/7 childcare available, parents cannot work in predominantly rural tourist areas unless there's two to work shifts. Single parents or those who's partners work away from home are left out of job market as not enough childminders in our area, nobody cares for children weekends and without being able to work weekends - we can't get jobs. Without jobs we're in poverty. Without benefits (sanctioned because we can't get jobs as no childcare) then food/clothing banks only hope.

Childcare is patchy across board. Councils used to stagger school out times so childminders were able to collect from school to school. No longer happens so now childminders can only look after children from one school. In rural areas where 10 minutes driving between schools makes this near impossible. There's little out of school hours clubs as too small to make profitable. Govt childcare policies are decided based on towns/cities. It does not cover rural communities which are 3/4 landmass.

Children like certainty. They need routine. Parents left scrabbling for childcare - friends one day, childminders Tuesday/Thursday. Granny Friday. Parent taking 1/2 day Wednesday. Extra stress on parent juggling. Only takes one person to be ill. Children pick up on that stress and unfairly they attribute it to themselves causing it (even though made clear not) which impacts on their wellbeing. When parents more settled - they are more relaxed and play/learn more with children.

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