How much do you matter?

How much do you matter?

How does this impact on Community Wellbeing? Our wellbeing is influenced more than anything by how much we feel we matter. Regardless of our age, occupation, wealth or status in society, being a significant person is more important to feeling good about our self than anything. So how can political management of society bring about such a feeling in individuals? Being officially recognised as a citizen of your country through entitlement to a Universal Basic Income would clearly confirm one’s status. The principle is more powerful than the money if it takes the form of a dividend, sourced, not from taxation, with the bad feelings that can go with that, but from the creation of money. I trust I do not have to explain this. Calculating the amount of the dividend at intervals according to the state of the country’s economy, to be regularly assessed by a non-political department of state set up for the task, would bring a feeling of involvement in the politics and economics of one’s nation, giving a lift to personal wellbeing Why should the Committee focus on this as part of their future work? It is by far the most powerful way to lift the spirits of individual citizens and encourage them to live their lives with a positive attitude to work, leisure and relationships.


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