homelessness, mental health support and more effective rehab

homelessness, mental health support and more effective rehab

How does this impact on Community Wellbeing? I am currently living in the homeless community. I never knew how corrupt dangerous, lack of funding and resources available until I was here in my position. I have been exposed to gaslighting, drugged abused pushed drugs, more abuse, lack of peace to sleep. I feel when you are made homeless you are trampled on again and again and it is so hard to get out. I am free of drug addiction and I work everyday almost24/7 to get myself out of it and the system seems as if it is designed to keep me down rather than help. It is so hard honestly. I hate seeing the people I live with so drugged up on 30 pills that they can hardly walk or methodone which they are spacing out on. They and I don't deserve to be treated like this no human being does. We need to roll out housing first so there is availability of safe, clean, sustainable housing. Have appropriate rehab and mental health support. Why should the Committee focus on this as part of their future work? These people and I are hardest hit my austerity. We are low and we need help. Society in Scotland scould be so much more equal the gap between the rich and the poor has only been getting bigger and the system seems to be designed this way. We need so much more help for our mental health, rehab and housing first to make Scotland a more equal society. At the end of the day we are all human beings and we all deserve equal human rights to thrive not just survive.


Mental Health support and rehab are fundamental to stopping the downward spiral that drug abusers find themselves in. If the route problem is not sorted then these unfortunate people will never be able to rehabilitate and enable them to rejoin the society who tends to shun them thinking "it is their own fault". Noone would choose to go down this road unless there are issues in the first place.

Excellent post. Well said.

-e. Thus although you will find that it is underfunded this is more due to a wish to not appear "soft" on drugs than an actual inability to gain access to funding by the goverment.

It is highly probable that the way you are being treated is down more to the criminally stupid war on drugs most western goverments (Well most goverments I suppose) are involved in which is built around trying to give the impression the goverment is doing something when in reality it has much the same effect as probation did. Alchol is a drug as well yet you are not looked down upon for have a glass of brandy, and people with drinking problems are ( at least in part) given a chance to rhabilitat

Well said! Thanks for sharing your story. We need to allow everyone to live in dignity and security if we want to have community wellbeing.

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