Climate crisis

Climate crisis

How does this impact on Community Wellbeing? Not much, at the moment. We will be one of the last countries to face catastrophic impacts of climate change, though much of Glasgow, Edinburgh and Aberdeen may become uninhabitable long before the rest of Scotland does. Why should the Committee focus on this as part of their future work? In the medium to long term, nothing can be more important.


We must take immediate action; our carbon is causing change already. We may not be impacted by weather chaos immediately, but we will see the effects through migration from drowned and scorched lands and from global food shortages much sooner.

We know from the IPCC assessments that climate breakdown will increase poor health, poverty and emergencies across Scotland and the world. We need to mitigate and adapt this massive risk immediately. Big scale governmental shifts are needed - just transition and green new deal - as well as empowering (and funding) communities to work together on their priories and needs in this area.

Government set ambitious targets for net zero. They claim to be a world leader in climate change mitigation. The evidence does not match up. We need to do more and do it now. Every part of our society has to adapt quickly

Climate change will distrupt a large portion of marine ecology around scotland and thus vastly effect the fishing community long before our citys are under threat, given how large this section of our economy is, and how many fishing communites live either directlly of fishing or off tourism derived from it it should be held in highest regard as of critical impact to communites in the disturbinglly close future.

As a remote and rural area climate change will affect our farming lands, fishing and coastline. Whilst immediately we are only seeing minor changes in the medium to longer term this will impact us.

I agree that indyref2 is unlikely to be the most important issue facing us in the near (Brexit) or long term (climate crisis) future.

Scotland started this whole disaster scenario by kick-starting the industrial revolution. Thus our historical emissions (as well as displaced emissions to those countries which now manufacture all our stuff) are massively higher than anyone else. We must take responsibility for past (if unwitting) climate crimes and cut emissions as fast as possible. We are killing vulnerable people and wildlife globally. It's our fault: let's lead the way to reverse climate breakdown. Most important thing ever.

I can't give enough thumbs up for this, it should be the absolute top of the agenda! The rest doesn't matter if we don't invest in ways to mitigate the impacts of climate change and take action to reduce the severity of environmental breakdown fast. Please prioritise this and find ways to help people understand why this is getting priority over other things.

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