Local Plans and Masterplans

Local Plans and Masterplans

How does this impact on Community Wellbeing? Making carbon neutral development a prime element will benefit communities by making their local environment fit for purpose in the drive to overcome the impact of global warming. Why should the Committee focus on this as part of their future work? Because it is an essential part of the overall climate change campaign and one well worth promoting as a Scottish initiative when the global Climate Summit meeting takes place in Glsagow late in 2020.


Would be good to have a clear statement about how we navigate local to national. Local is great for ideas and for people feeling involved but we have to be honest that most people don’t contribute and if they do they are more likely to be directly sectional. The challenge of climate change is to inspire communities to go beyond what is in their short term immediate interest e.g I’ve often internally complained about sherif hall roundabout but I know saving me 10 mins is not a priority...

We know that the new Forth Crossing is creating millions extra car trips each year. This is an example of induced demand driven by poor planning policy. Lots of spending, no improvement in traffic conditions and an increase in emissions. The only real surprise is that people are actually surprised that traffic has increased. The failure is the land use planning policy which fostered mass building of dormitory housing in Fife, with no employment, facilities or adequate public transport options.

Building an airport on Skye for the few, rather than improving bus services for the many is an example of poor planning policy. We have to reduce our carbon footprint dramatically and good planning can lead to changes behaviours.

Carbon neutral planning is essential in the misery it can help us avoid but also the possibility to have cleaner, greener, quieter and healthier lives.

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