Good Food Nation

Good Food Nation

How does this impact on Community Wellbeing? The Good Food Nation bill has the potential to change the food system from farm to fork to disposal. If you take a whole-system approach, you can ensure that working conditions of people working throughout the food system are fair, benefitting their well-being. If you work to eradicate food banks, as a Good Food Nation should be founded on the Right to Food, you can ensure that everyone has access to fair, healthy and sustainably produced food through a dignified choice. If the production of food is tied to the climate change, biodiversity and environment agenda we can ensure a healthy natural environment and countless times interactions with nature have shown to benefit our well-being. If you work on providing opportunities to grow food, cook and eat together, you can create spaces where we can build relationships. This means that throughout the whole chain there are innumerable opportunities to support people’s well-being. Why should the Committee focus on this as part of their future work? Because, if approached through a whole-system perspective that accounts for workers rights, climate change, social justice, biodiversity, poverty and health you will be sure that you are benefitting people's well-being three times a day every single day.


Yes, yes, yes!!!!

Land reform creating far more public land by taxing shooting estates out of existence , enhancing the lives of 99% of Scots, is vital. This would enable land some of which previously was cultivated productively by a far greater population than is today seen in our countryside, to be used to public benefit. Price of fruit and vegetables would fall, people would get fitter, healthier,&we could appreciate iconic wildlife, not be forced to endure the sound of it being shot by budding psychopaths

Think it’s a really important area for climate change and well being- would want to start with producers because if you’re livelihood depends upon it you have to be creating the plan and they are key group who can understand scale and practical implications. If as a nation we turn to a plant based (including alternative/ engineered nutrition) then we have to transform agriculture- might be wrong (let’s ask the question) but small scale food projects to eat/grow together not right scale.

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