Community Transport

Community Transport

How does this impact on Community Wellbeing? Allows people in rural communities to have equal access to services. It improves well-being through people being able to access services and the outdoors Why should the Committee focus on this as part of their future work? Transport is required by everyone, especially the older generation and people with disabilities


On the SIMD index Arran scores highly for lack of connectivity and local transport infrastructure. Bus times are largely dictated by boat times and nothing inbetween so outlying villages are isolated. Impacts the island economy, where locals can live if they dont drive, on our local bars, restaurants if youd like a meal with drinks and dont want to drive. It impacts all age groups, increasing social isolation. Should be more funding for local mini busses etc. A lift share scheme has started.

Connection and good transport is essential for healthy communities. It is vital for people to move around to access services, but also to feel connected. Our dial a bus service is overloaded. It is a great service but we need more of it. This is essential for people without private transport, older people, younger people and people on lower incomes. Our ferry service to the mainland is not subsidised. The groups that depend on these services are potentially more vulnerable and excluded.

People are isolated because they cannot get transport. Particularly elderly and young people who do not have private transport. This contributes to social isolation for elderly people and it prevent children being able to attend youth clubs This is a massive issue on the islands

Because disabled people face inequalities on a daily basis, but actually have the right to the same access as able bodied persons

The need for community transport is clear. Maybe we should do the sums - perhaps it would be cheaper just to bring bus service into public ownership and ask everyone to make an annual contribution to running costs. A bit like a gym membership - if you pay for it then you are more likely to use it - helps with our climate targets too.

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