Closure of Schools

Closure of Schools

How does this impact on Community Wellbeing? Closure of schools has an impact on a whole community. Particularly in a rural setting. We have a number of small island schools who are at threat of closure. Some are 2 pupils away from losing 1 teacher. Some schools have already been closed. The impact of closure is: • Very young children (age 4) having to travel far and long distances to by ferry and bus to get to school • In a rural setting teenagers are often helping on the farmer croft and having to do household chores like the shopping. If they are travelling long distances they will be unable to support the family in the same way that they have been doing, this could jeopordise the croft • A small local school supports the local economy, through tea rooms and shops. • A small local school supports relationships, networks and communication, it supports the fabric of the community • People will potentially move away or not move to the area if there is not a local school, it could see the start of the decline of the area. Why should the Committee focus on this as part of their future work? Closure of schools has a huge impact on communities that is much bigger than just about education. For example look at the reasons why a school might be declining, in Shetland we have schools in areas where families cannot access family housing.


It has a huge impact on communities that is much bigger than just about education

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