Invest in Community Arts

Invest in Community Arts

How does this impact on Community Wellbeing? It is well evidenced how the arts can greatly improve health and well being outcomes throughout society. Whether that's gaining the chance to be an audience member at a genuinely affordably price, or as a participant, the arts brings communities together. The Arts can also be used as an effective tool of engagement to connect with hard to reach groups. Taking part in activities involving drama, dance, filmmaking, crafts and so on, can generate confidence, self esteem and an array of highly transferable skills. People get caight up in the magic, forget themsrlces and dare to try something new. The Arts can help raise aspirations, create rewarding relationships and help individuals and communities gain more from life. Investing in third sector arts organisations will make this a welcome reality. Why should the Committee focus on this as part of their future work? Research evidences the benefits the Arts gives individuals and communities. Over the years, investment has decreased and society has been worse off as a result. The Arts encourages creativity, but also the chance to discover happiness and a sense of belonging. Research shows that participating in community arts activites can increase confidence, motivation, decision making abilities and resiliance. Arts projects engergise communities and individuals towards realising their potential.


Can benefit some - even better if done outdoors.

Positive if well managed but need to avoid artwashing.

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