Universal basic income

Universal basic income

How does this impact on Community Wellbeing? Lifts everyone above the poverty line. Ends child poverty, helps disabled people and oaps struggling, will reduce homelessness significantly. I can't imagine any single thing that would transform my community more. Why should the Committee focus on this as part of their future work? It covers a wide range of concerns and removes stigma. Means testing is discriminatory and doesn't appreciate circumstances can deteriorate quickly. Everyone deserves a floor to stand on, financial security they can build on, this shouldn't only be an accident of birth.


Everyone would benefit from lifting people out of poverty without having to defend their right to a basic income. The most vulnerable people have huge problems self-advocating or asking for assistance and are left without support or financial resources. I often wonder at the costs of paying people to assess and reassess claims for benefits and whether it would be possible to divert that cost directly to the claimants.

Universal Basic Income is a way of distributing wealth more equally, providing a safety net for everyone. Currently, means-tested benefits are intrusive, divisive, detering social mobility and penalising the prudent. UBI would provide a sense of self-esteem to everyone, particularly those on a low or no income. I think it's an excellent idea and trials in Scotland would be very welcome.

Because the current wellfare system is unfair and doesn't work. Universal Basic Income is much fairer and will be a massive step toward ending poverty.

It would be a major step in creating a more equal society. People would then be encouraged to work - and have a safety net to allow them to find work they enjoy - without the fear of benefits being removed

We badly need the shift in society that UBI would help bring about. More equal societies are healthier, safer, happier, more generous and more innovative. Benefits are felt at all income levels. UBI can help to balance the scales in favour of equality and improve the lives of everyone.

Universal basic income to end poverty!

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