Use PERMAH Model and Coaching to improve wellbeing

Use PERMAH Model and Coaching to improve wellbeing

How does this impact on Community Wellbeing? PERMAH is the evidence based way to increased wellbeing based on the positive psychology science initiated by Martin Seligman. If individuals families groups/organisations and wider community are incorporating PERMAH into their lives, wellbeing will improve. Positive emotions, learning to understand all emotions are ok and learn how to deal and reframe negative ones. Understand thinking traps and emotional intelligence & growth mindset theories. Engagement - know their character strengths & apply them in their life to achieve flow. Relationships - develop positive relationships and show gratitude, forgiveness and empathy. Meaning - having a purpose, giving to something bigger than yourself - volunteering/cause/charity/community. Achievement - working towards goals & achievements that are meaningful. Health- physical & sleep & nutrition. Coaching helps individuals get to where they are to where they want to be and increase belief in themselves to achieve what they set their mind on. Why should the Committee focus on this as part of their future work? This is evidenced based and many studies show applying PERMAH increases wellbeing. Find ways for getting more of PERMAH into community initiatives and policies and groups/organisations, into schools starting in primary through to further education. Encourage coaching conversations and use of positive psychology interventions - again all evidence based and shown to make a difference!


I don’t know this evidence base but it feels most helpful one to me - I’d really like an expert review on the most effective approach to community engagement and support us all in a basic Evidence based framework. It could be as simple as ..we need to explain a basic approach: agree goals (well being and climate) evidence (where to get best collective energy to outcome) and then get specific. I worry people may get disillusioned if they can’t see the wood for their own tree.

To use positive psychology to improve wellbeing is such a great idea.

It has been proven to make a difference on not only individuals but has a knock on impact to communities! Help people families and communities implement PERMAH and positive psychology interventions and coaching conversations into day to day life and wellbeing will increase. We just have to work on sustainable projects and policies and ways of implementing this in communities that will make the biggest impact.

This is a good idea

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