Reduce free parking in residential areas

Reduce free parking in residential areas

How does this impact on Community Wellbeing? Quiter,greener,cleaner,safer Why should the Committee focus on this as part of their future work? Priority of environment and encouragement of sustainable travel


YES; free parking is not sustainable. It doesn't bring anything to the community and take so much space that could be used for sitting areas, larger pavements, cycle lanes, green spaces!

We need to make communities and our streets designed for people not cars and parking. Making places better for everyone in the community, especially children, the elderly and the disabled, starts with addressing our streets and how we design and use them.


No. Developers should be made by lical government planners to provide enough parking spaces for residents and visitors

Not until you improve public transportation networks. To get people out of their cars, to reduce the need for multiple cars in single households, you need really affordable, extensive public transport networks and safe cycle routes. Invest first, before you penalise car use.

There needs to be free parking in residential areas - you cannot expect people to pay to park their car by the place of residence!. In the case of new build situations developers have to be encouraged to include green spaces and enough parking space within the development.

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