Support community facilities

Support community facilities

How does this impact on Community Wellbeing? Strong communities are those supported by good local facilities. Everyone should have access to community facilities (like leisure centres, museums and libraries) within walking/cycling distance of their homes. These places provide a focus for the community, an affordable place to go and meet people within the local area. Each facility also delivers either physical or mental health benefits. When we provide a safe environment for people to meet, people of all ages make connections and this strengthens their sense of being part of the community. It may be the 21st century but people still need places to meet face to face in order to avoid feelings of isolation and loneliness. Those face to face connections are what lead to community wellbeing. Why should the Committee focus on this as part of their future work? Good public facilities are increasingly under pressure and yet they make communities. There is a temptation to look at the bottom line of a financial balance sheet but the social and economic return on investment of community facilities does not show up on a balance sheet. They do however make for strong communities and healthy communities and that has much wider benefits. I would expect the Committee to support good public facilities across Scotland and to champion their value to communities.


It would also give our young people somewhere to go, something to do, specially in areas where households cannot afford to have one or multiple iphones, xboxes, ipads, etc It's a proven fact that 'boredom' and 'not having anything to do/anywhere to go' are some of the key reasons for young people's mis-behaviour and petty crimes.

I think we also need community meeting spaces - such as community hubs or centres - where local groups can access affordable rooms for activities and events.

Libraries can help communities in so many ways - they are much more than just buildings that store books. Libraries... - are one of the few indoor public spaces left where people are not under pressure to spend money - build community through events, clubs, cultural activities, etc - promote literacy and curiosity - provide access to facilities such as the internet and help with essential skills; particularly important for vulnerable persons - and much more... Keep libraries open!

I live in a small rural village where our village hall is the heart and the hub of all village activities. It is under threat of closure by the council as we cannot use it as much as they say it needs using. I totally agree with the above - it’s not always about the bottom line of a balance sheet. It’s about people, caring, community, support, health and welfare etc. Focus on community facilities of ALL types in ALL locations not merely those in highly populated areas.

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