stop building houses without the necessary infrastructure

stop building houses without the necessary infrastructure

How does this impact on Community Wellbeing? Everywhere they are building houses and bringing more people but without the services catching up. Roads can manage so many cars and overloading them brings problems, pollution, noise... there are not enough school places, gp surgeries, nhs dentists, pot holes everywhere, poverty, drug related crime... why not catch up with services first? Why should the Committee focus on this as part of their future work? To give people good quality of services to make life livable


This is a duplicate post which is echoed in many. Please look at these in totality as one, very much supported, idea. The suggested legislation by the Scottish Government called ‘infrastructure 1st’ seems to have stalled and so we get urban sprawl, cookie cutter houses with no green space, with no infrastructure and destruction of established communities with kver development as Councils allow change of use so hotels, pubs, lost offices etc get made into flats.

New housing developments must be designed with sustainable travel options as a priority rather than the car. We need to make the places where we live into communities which offer freedom to walk and cycle safely - not designed for car use and private car parking. New developments must focus on the needs of children and disabled people more than anyone. Designing our residential streets for people not cars is an important community issue.

Part of the planning process needs to be an examination of local infrastructure to cope with the proposed developments. If necessary developers need to accept that new facilities need to be incorporated into the development. Better road infrastructure is VITAL to all new developments as are Drs surgeries, schools, shops, parking. Planners MUST take much more notice of local community voices as to the realistic impact of new developing .

Developers should be forced to provides community benefits, parks, schools, roads, etc.. they are making a lot of money building houses they should have to build comunntiies..not just houses

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