Healthy Kidz

Healthy Kidz

How does this impact on Community Wellbeing? Healthy Kidz is a school based programme taking place in 106 primary schools in Northern Ireland. It is designed to allow every child to achieve their best possible state of wellbeing. It has many strands including weekly physical activity sessions based on physical literacy but focussing on fun and inclusivity. We have 51 coaches delivering 515 sessions each week. Every child takes part and feels included and increases their activity levels. Our pupils take part in the daily / golden mile. We have 7000 kids taking part in afterschools and have an app for kids and family to log all their activity. Kids, classes and schools compete to be the most active. We offer an emotional wellbeing booklet for year 6 pupils and we send trained professionals into our schools for a 'NET' programme. (Nutrition, eyes and teeth.) We are supported by universities who evaluate and help shape our programme content, private business, who support each strand, councils and government departments. Why should the Committee focus on this as part of their future work? Over the last four years Healthy Kidz has been consulting,testing, evolving our programme based on what we have been told by service users. From initial Stormont governmental support, we have expanded the programme and worked with over 30,000 young people in over 100 schools to develop a holistic approach to physical and mental health. We are keen to expand the programme beyond primary schools into secondary schools and community organisations outside NI.


For four years the Healthy Kidz Management Team, who are all voluntary, have created and shaped their strategy’s vision – creating healthy and physical active communities, supported by the following philosophy: Healthy minds and healthy body complement each other and enable children, young people and adults to be healthier physically & mentally, help them grow in confidence and self-belief.

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