Regulate & restrict short term lets, introduce rent controls

Regulate & restrict short term lets, introduce rent controls

How does this impact on Community Wellbeing? My community in central Edinburgh is rapidly losing residents as flats are sold of to people using them for full-time airbnb or other short term lets. We are losing positive connections and relationships with the people who live around us as increasing rents push neighbours out. I no longer know anyone who could afford to buy on my street as the price increases have been huge. Many of the landlords I contact about shared repairs are investors. We know that security and connection in the community around your home is key to wellbeing. Being able to live close to where you work is also key for safety (e.g. hospitality workers travelling home at night) and the environmental impact of commuting. It is important that this is addressed to preserve communities. Why should the Committee focus on this as part of their future work? Our communities are made up of the people who live in them. It is important that touristic parts of our country are still alive with residents and ensuring that people can afford to live in these places is key to community wellbeing.


There will be no community left if the Scottish Government continue to refuse to take responsibility in protecting the people who live in communities by regulating and restricting AIRBNB and short term lettings.

Air B'n'B itself needs to be held far more accountable as far as its own guidelines go. You have people in Edinburgh with multiple flats, seeking free legal advice from the CAB on how to reduce their tax liability when guidelines show you should have only one entire property listed on the website.

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