Make EK/Glasgow/rutherglen = Scotlands towns Beautiful

Make EK/Glasgow/rutherglen = Scotlands towns Beautiful

How does this impact on Community Wellbeing? Everyone/Every organisation/shop/business could involve themselves and take pride in their community. Also, the goverment could promote by giving their support by financing the larger project and giving work experience/community service to the more manual jobs such as painting/hard landscaping. Giving recognition, awards and promotion. Also freeing up spaces and making it easy for those who want to participate. Also, making landlords housing and commercial actively responsible for the maintenance and management of the buildings and areas they own. Why should the Committee focus on this as part of their future work? The committee should focus on this as it can include every sector or our society/communities. Best street/best area/best town/best business/local heros. Best maintained/looked after Country. The idea is inclusive, relatively inexpensive/promotes activity/being outdoors/community and government co-operation/suitables for all ages/gender/abilities and brings us together in the common goal of being involved and proud of our surroundings.


I think the quality of the natural and built environment is important to health and wellbeing-- run down, shabby, disintigrating places make people feel like their community isn't worth investing in--and perhaps by extention, that they aren't personally worth investing in. I know this through first-hand research as part of my community development role.

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