The Midlothian Way : Good Conversations matter

The Midlothian Way : Good Conversations matter

How does this impact on Community Wellbeing? Our aim is that we take a whole system approach where every service focuses on a strength based Good Conversation that finds out how a person is currently coping , not rushing to fix but to enable and supports them in their wellbeing. Building on a persons own assets and strength's. This supports individuals and therefore communities to feel more capable. It is about sharing knowledge and power. Our vision is that where ever a person makes contact they will receive the ' a what matters to you response', contact centre , health and social care and third sector. Our Midlothian way is to ensure all staff receive training in health inequalities, health literacy, good conversations and trauma and that services are designed in a way that the person is an equal partner in their care. We will also work alongside our communities in the same way asking them what is required and how to design affective pathways Why should the Committee focus on this as part of their future work? Imagine a system where people feel they are valued as an equal in their care with valued lived in experience , where personal strengths and motivation can be built on both as an individual and as a community. This should be the focus


I am not clear who it is referring to. Makes sense in a care context, but if I contact the council to ask them to fix a faded street sign or potholes, I am looking for a fix not analysis of my strengths. also generally I think people need help with their weaknesses such as drug or alcohol dependence, debt etc. Their immediate carer or supporter may consider their strengths, but appropriate support needs to be provided for their weaknesses if causing poverty or distress.

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