Make the Councils Accountable for their Gross Negligence

Make the Councils Accountable for their Gross Negligence

How does this impact on Community Wellbeing? Councils like Falkirk should be spending funds on things like repairing peoples properties and not only a £45 Million new Councillors building. So many are being forced to live in horrific conditions whilst councils like Falkirk attempt to waste public money which will only benefit the Councillors not the tax payers. Peoples health and well being are at risk due to the Gross Negligence and Wasting of Tax Payers money. They need to be held accountable for wasting tax payers money and knowingly putting lives at serious risk as Falkirk Council does under its Leader. *This post has been amended to ensure it adheres to discussion rules. The Local Government and Communities Committee is made up of MSPs from various political parties and we want to discuss what we should look into to ensure our communities have good wellbeing. Our discussion rules state that users should “not use official corporate channels as vehicles for campaigning on party political issues.” Thank you for submitting* Why should the Committee focus on this as part of their future work? Humanity and peoples lives. To increase the living standards of the community and put less strain on the NHS Forth Valley which is not coping due to the Council issues. The NHS Forth Valley has stated that they are seeing an increase in health issues related to housing and the Council. Shelter Scotland is seeing an increase in the number of complaints re housing and housing conditions coming from Falkirk Council. Human life must come first.


I agree that councils should be prioritising money better. Some plead poverty but then spend money on pet projects, events that are not needed. They should focus on the basics NEEDS first and then the nice to do items later.

Humanity and Public Health should always be a priority.

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