More community shops present in residential areas

More community shops present in residential areas

How does this impact on Community Wellbeing? Local shops can save time, money and the environment. They save people having to spend time taking longer trips to supermarkets, often by car which is bad for the environment, and where they are more tempted to spend money on additional things they don't need. Local shops are often less anonymous, and can be a community hub, particularly if they have cafes etc. joined onto them. Perhaps reduce business rates etc. Why should the Committee focus on this as part of their future work? It is a multi-impact benefit, helping people financially, emotionally and protecting our environment by reducing emissions associated with driving to shops which are further away. It helps the local economy with jobs close to home (great for families with childcare issues or limited job prospects)


Local community shops also have important roles to play in social isolation, local signposting and providing other services the local community needs. See Buth Bharraigh

Towns and cities are building more and more residential areas with little or no amenities. These are designed in the initial planning process and then removed later in the process without consultation (there is no indication the original consulted plans have changed). Councils should force developers to build schools, amenities before all the houses

Could have local cooperative shops which buy things in bulk and sell at cost price. To have access you need to volunteer every so often. Parents could bring children along and get them involved. Or do away with the volunteering if it's a barrier and just make it a non-profit with staff or a discount if you volunteer. Builds community and means those who can't afford savings of buying in bulk (think toilet roll for example) can get the same prices as those who can.

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