Improve new residentail areas by improving planning

Improve new residentail areas by improving planning

How does this impact on Community Wellbeing? Force developers to build amenities and schools to support new residential areas. Right now developers promise new schools, parks, amenities for new developments. This plan is consulted on by local communities/stakeholders. Then as the development goes ahead, these plans are changed, and these changes are hard to find as not any follow up consultation on changes. Amenities are cut or lost, schools are built at the end of the process (if at all). Developers make lots of money and they should have a responsibility to the communities Why should the Committee focus on this as part of their future work? These are new communities being built. If they are built in a positive way they can enhance communities and wellbeing. If not, it is much harder and costly to rectify. If there are not enough schools, doctors, shops, amenities, etc... it is harder to build these later


This is a really important point, also made elsewhere in other ideas by many. Communities have no impact on planning matters. Our village had over 1000 objections for one application. All ignored. Same for two or three others, absolutely no notice taken of anything. Almost no point in commenting. We must make developers build infrastructure otherwise we end up with dormitory urban sprawl. Further any application with over 500 community objections should be automatically referred to the Reporter

These new developments have an impact on whole cities/regions, not just the people who end up living within them. Previously open areas are increasingly lost to the current residents and poorly designed developments affect the character of the whole area for residents and visitors. With no local amenities people jump in their cars and add to traffic pressures across the area. In contrast, well designed communities would therefore benefit and positively impact a wide spectrum of people.

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