Climate Emergency

Climate Emergency

How does this impact on Community Wellbeing? We ARE in a climate emergency, the science and facts support this. Our governement has declared a climate emergency... but we are not doing enough. environmental considerations should be built into EVERYTHING we do as a society. e.g. How/where we build. What we buy. How we travel. This thinkign should be embedded across our society. These changes will be hard, but are needed Why should the Committee focus on this as part of their future work? There is a direct link from people/community/wellbeing and climate change. We see that temperature changes, wildfires, floods are starting to impact people around the world and her in Scotland. This is only likely to get worse. We need to plan and invest now, to be prepared and save money later. e.g. flood planning is easier and cheaper than repair after a flood.


We have a duty to be a good example to other countries

This needs to be a top priority. We need to grow and shop locally etc

It is the top level, long term priority that we have to get right. It also requires an order of change that is unprecedented outside of war. If we don’t start from here then ideas become a random unpriotised wish list. Social inclusion has to primarily be about a sense of collective purpose that challenges us all to really think about the connection between wealth and well being.

Need to take action before it's too late (too late as in too expensive, too much destroyed already, trapped in a climate feedback loop)

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