School term holiday flight fares

School term holiday flight fares

How does this impact on Community Wellbeing? So many families have to buy expensive holidays, flights or are unable to take their children on holidays. Parents feel burden and pressure on ensuring they get cheap prices, failing which so many miss out on travel. Children miss out on school if parents have to take them out at lower prices, then why have systems and schedules in place. Why penalize parents who want to be able to show the world to their children or just have quality family time away. Are holidays only a privilege for the haves? Why should the Committee focus on this as part of their future work? Everyone deserves to travel and explore the world, it should not be a privilege only for the haves. If holiday, travel, flight prices can be increased during school term then that dispropionately affects families with children who already have existing financial problems. Children grow out missing on travel and learning from seeing the world. For holidays, flights originating from scotland no higher fares during school term. Let's reduce the stress on parents. Let all children get access to joys


Climate damage. The children in question are not able to give their fully informed consent to participating in the curtailing of their own lifespans. Actively increasing damage to their environment for purely recreational reasons is irresponsible to the point of negligence.

Travel is vital for experience and understanding other cultures and if we can take our children to these places, we will raise the next generation of tolerant, caring people who will nurture the world with all of its people, cultures, religions and colours.

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