Special needs social interaction courses esp for children

Special needs social interaction courses esp for children

How does this impact on Community Wellbeing? Future of childrens social skills into the community and especially supporting children with special needs as there appears to be a gap in this area. As a SEN Parent with an ASD son I've enquired locally and at Autism charities but yet to find a social skills course to support the positive growth of my son and to support his journey through mainstream schooling. I'm sure it would support him so much as he 'typically' struggles with making and sustaining friendships and availability of even short courses would help improve his life now and moving forward and those around him potential friends. If parents are of the few that get an ASD diagnosis I'm afraid there are no clear forms of support on a social level going forward, there are of course some charities and local carer centres who can support but its limited and they too have limited budgets and time. Thank you for reading this submission. Why should the Committee focus on this as part of their future work? Children are our future and Autism is becoming more prevalent or at least diagnosed through our society, if we can help and support from a young age these people it will pay back dividends in how they can effectively contribute to society in years to come.


There is NOTHING out there for kids on the spectrum in particular,my own son is ADHD, school didn't want him and everywhere I have turned has told me there is nothing out there for him,no socialising places, no help with getting into a job,college etc.These are OUR children,more needs to be done to ensure the future they have is as bright as the future of NON SEN children,inclusion NOT exclusion,sadly though,in far too many cases,exclusion is the thing our children face,and THAT is NOT acceptabl

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