Quieter, Safer Villages

Quieter, Safer Villages

How does this impact on Community Wellbeing? A77, the second busiest haulage route in Europe. My village, Kirkoswald, South Ayrshire and many others like it have literally hundreds of HGVs thundering through our tiny village on roads never meant for that. The state of the road with poor upkeep means they make thunderous noise and travel at incomprehensible speeds. Transport Scotland makes excuses. been complaining for 3+ years alongside the irony of a new Scot Gov ‘noise strategy’ the impact on wellbeing and public health is two fold. I and many others have to sleep with earplugs, and sit in our homes unable to have a peaceful existence. The speed of vehicles, which Police Scotland acknowledge, means the Main Street is terrorised. On April 19th a car at speed mounted the pavement and crashed into a home on the Main Street narrowly missing 3 young people. court date is 3rd Feb. And yet nobody cares. I the teach mastes public health at University West of Scotland and wood be delighted to speak with you Why should the Committee focus on this as part of their future work? Despite being aware of the ways in which disability adjusted life years are calculated, the cost placed on human wellbeing is simply ignored by the public sector bodies responsible for this and passed onto local villagers. We’re prisoners on our own home. Parents are terrified to go near the Main Street as these huge noisy polluting vehicles thunder past knowing we’ll that they will never be held to account. Take the human coat from public budgets and they’d be broke overnight. Nobody cares


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