Mandate shared indoor space in new housing developments

Mandate shared indoor space in new housing developments

How does this impact on Community Wellbeing? Everything from community organisation for managing shared common parts, reducing food waste, reducing carbon footprint by sharing resources such as washing machines to reducing loneliness can only work or works better if there is easy access to safe, shared space. Right now me and my neighbour's pay for under- used children's play spaces without complaint so why not a shared community flat? We could have somewhere to meet as a group or with our factors , to keep books dry for our local book exchange club, to put a community fridge for sharing spare food or to install a couple of big washing machines to encourage fewer of us to waste resources on individual white goods which we don't use all the time. We have a summer party in the street but for winter we have to book a room in a pub - we might socialise more with an easily accessible shared space right on our doorsteps. What might that do to reduce loneliness? Why should the Committee focus on this as part of their future work? Loneliness is growing as we live longer and have more single person households in all age groups. Climate change needs macro and micro solutions and sharing resources needs to be part of that. Poverty prevents people from joining in if there is a cost (eg room hire fees) Community wellbeing, informal volunteering and a load of unexpected stuff emerges when people come together more. So let's make that easier.


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