Community Run Media

Community Run Media

How does this impact on Community Wellbeing? It provides a positive space to share information about local groups and how to get involved. It can also offer simple solutions/how to guides on all aspects of well-being. I publish Clydesider community magazine, a free, positive and solution-focused publication for West Dunbartonshire. Editorial content is produced by local volunteers from all walks of life, we provide basic journalism, photography and film-making training to increase skills and confidence. Some of our volunteers have progressed to further education, set up their own social enterprise and gained employment and volunteering with us has helped. West Dunbartonshire faces a significant number of health, social and economic challenges which anyone living here is aware of, what people are less aware of are the wide range of community groups and individuals providing support to tackle these problems because they are underreported. The Clydesider has helped change that, it is also helping to restore pride in our community. Why should the Committee focus on this as part of their future work? Our communities lack this basic information sharing space. Local papers used to provide it to a certain extent but in recent years many have closed or been centralised so few areas outside the cities have a newspaper and journalists based in their community. This disconnect means journalists don't know their communities. An independent community-run publication which is for and by people living in that community is more accountable to it.


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